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Tonight’s Presentation


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Once again, as a result of this week’s reading, I’m slightly overwhelmed by the amount of data I likely produce. Some of it is (potentially) for the greater good, like the example of GPS tracking as an aid in medical … Continue reading

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The use of data in digital advertising

It’s no secret that there has been a paradigm shift in communication and advertising since the advent of the internet, particularly now that we have entered the social media era. This week’s article discusses some of the learning curves companies … Continue reading

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Message Testing

The reading this week discussed message testing in order to determine effectiveness. The first reading looked at the impact of advertising on sugar sweetened beverage consumption in the city of Philadelphia. This campaign used what I traditionally held as my … Continue reading

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Given my interest in the field of web design, eyetracking has always intrigued me. Although I have never personally done it, I like the idea of using eyetracking to adjust elements of your web design- where things fall on the … Continue reading

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For me, crowdsourcing, particularly in journalism, felt so nature that it wasn’t until recently that I fully realized how engrained in our culture it had become. It took someone in a meeting suggesting crowdsourcing as a fundraising opportunity for me … Continue reading

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Online Brand Management

Has anyone ever seen that Sarah Jessica Parker movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It? The one where she lays in bed at night and makes lists? Well, that’s me (and probably all the females in this class for … Continue reading

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