Clients from hell… the website

I have to say, I love that our homework assignment involved looking at clients from hell. I’ve been known to look at it from time to time, laughing at some similar experiences I’ve faced. It’s important for designers to understand though, that we cannot always blame someone else. It is our job to educate clients on design, and often technology in general.

There is one very simple post on here that I feel really explains this point. “Please send me a jpeg of the logo in all white.” Yes, as a designer we know that would never work. That’s fine. Give people a break though and take a moment to explain to them why. We can’t expect that someone will know technical aspects of working with file types, as most people probably get along just fine only using jpg for images.  When I contact the account department, they don’t expect me to understand everything they do (thank goodness). Web designers should not and cannot expect that as well.

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