The love hate relationship with carousels

Carousels can be a great addition to a website. They can make information appear interesting and inviting. However, they can take up A LOT of page real estate. I’ve seen them take up basically the whole section above the fold. This is all fine and dandy as long as there is some interactivity to them, i.e. it is not just there because it looks pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty, but I think it is important with something so prominent that users can actually do something with it. 

If I were to add one, I would do so by making it only 1/3 of the above the fold section. Each new element on the slider would have a different link to something within the website. It could be a great place to advertise special events or big company announcements.

As we all know though, sometimes it just doesn’t work with the design. I think those are the moments when you explain exactly to your client/boss your rational and back it up with examples of other sites or educational material. Whether or not you win the battle though is a different thing 🙂

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