What you learn from presentations

As part of my job, I present different graphic design projects to various constituents almost every day. As you can imagine, I’ve become quite accustomed to hearing the honest feedback, both good and bad, that often comes with this. There is one small catch though. The designs are MOST of the time not done by me. I oversee a small group of graphic design students, working with them on marketing and advertising campaigns for different departments in the building.

I discovered the difference this makes when making a presentation of my own design just last week. 1. I was WAY more nervous this time 2. I didn’t handle the the errors as cooly as I normally would have. I’m not talking about the criticisms, that I can still handle. I thought they were very appropriate and helpful Plus, I think criticism only makes  your design stronger. I’m talking about the “uh oh” moment I had when I saw the design in presentation was different than it looked on my computer. My version had shown a frame around the whole design, this one didn’t. I had a small panic, but it taught me a lot.

After my presentation, as I was moaning to my boyfriend about how I was upset that my design wasn’t as perfect as I wanted, he remind me of something. He told me to think about how this would help me prepare for actual client presentations. That’s when the whole experience turned around. I’m okay with mistakes, if I can learn from them. The situation taught me to prepare for those certain “uh-oh” moments. And maybe to bring my own computer 🙂



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