HTML 5 Logo Controversy

Working for a student union, I’m often tasked with combining several small (and large) elements into one all encompassing brand. Recreation, retail and services all somehow need to tie into one another. Each of the elements are different,but they all have a common purpose: to serve students. I think that’s what was trying to be accomplished with the HTML 5 logo, and frankly I can’t say that I blame them. Each of the smaller elements all exist to improve the web, and it is better marketed as one collective unit. Kinda like a “and our powers combined” Power Rangers type thing.

I fully admit that my coding skills are not developed enough yet to completely get what all the fuss is about. However, I do know that any logo creation or rebranding is bound to upset someone. People take things personally, and sometimes are resistant to change. That’s all part of the fun of rebranding 🙂

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