Websites in a Mobile World

These days, it seems that almost every site needs to be mobile friendly. It has become an increasingly common form of viewing the web. My parents, nearing retirement, both use their iPhones to look up websites on the daily. Are they a little more tech savvy than the average? Maybe. But that doesn’t change the trend. The medium is only becoming more popular.

So for me, the question isn’t should you make a website mobile friendly, it’s which path do you take to get there. I think when it comes to deciding whether to go with a custom app vs a scalable page vs a separate mobile site, you need to take a look at your consumers, your budget and your product. Is this something that is going to be used every day? Then maybe an app is worth your time and money. This would be the case for maybe a university’s site, or something that would require people to access often. Maybe it isn’t going to be used every day, but you are targeting a more tech friendly demographic. Then I’d take a look at a separate mobile site. Perhaps you have a really low budget and time, well then at least make sure your site can be read on an iPhone.

It is all about finding the right option for your consumer at a price you can afford. If everyone had all the money and time in the world, then maybe we would make apps for everything. That isn’t realistic though, is it?

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