Using Generators Breeds Poor Design

Code generators like this one are undeniably cool. The idea that there is enough technology & need out there to warrant a free service of this type blows my mind. It’s fun to play around with for a few minutes and see how your design changes. 

It doesn’t go much farther than that though. To actually use one of these tabs on a website would be so limiting to the design. We’ve gone so much farther now in the design world than just using plain square or rounded rectangle tabs. Where is the creativity? Consider a site like patternizer. I was so excited when I read that there was a source out there to generate patterns for me. I love patterns, but my skill in making them is not exactly up to par yet (as evidence by the million attempts I made for my website header) . My excited faded when I saw the minimal options available. Only 3 choices. I’m not likely to settle on an argyle pattern just because I can generate it quickly when I really want ikat. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these sites are a quick way for people to skip out on any real design. If everyone were to rely on them the world would be a much more boring place. 

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