Creative Interfaces

I started this blog post because I was getting frustrated with my project 2 design and needed to take my mind off of it. I have to say, so far it is not helping! These designs are so well done. They are not all my personal style, but they are very well thought out and detailed. Ugh, I have so much catching up to. 

As far as a creative layout like this, I say go for it IF it is a designer’s portfolio or a highly-creative/high-tech company. It really shows creativity, effort and skill. I think some inherent risks are well, obviously if it doesn’t render correctly you are headed for some big problems. For a designer’s portfolio though, I think it also comes to a “love it or hate it” effect. By creating a site like this, you are taking on a big risk. It’s not just your standard portfolio site. In that instance, you may have a (well-done) but more neutral design and then the portfolio section shows your different styles. In a creative flash site, you are really just showcasing one style, so it better be good. Hopefully though any potential clients could see the detail and time it took to put something like that together. 

For the average business, I wouldn’t advise to have this kind of site. The chances are too high that some random customer running a way outdated version of IE is going to ruin it. I’d stick with something more neutral. That doesn’t have to say you can’t be inventive with how you use your site (say with the colors or design choices) but perhaps steer away from the browser problems that come with a flash site. 

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