The importance of knowing code

After reading this article, it has me thinking a lot about my goals coming into this program. I had a growing passion for design and was drawn to the interactivity of the web. I chose to get my masters in web design, because I wanted to learn those two things: web and design. It has me wondering, how could someone claim to be a web designer without knowledge of one of those?  If we weren’t learning code, what would distinguish this from a print design course? (Note: I have a great deal of respect for print designers, they create some of the most amazing and inspirational work!) 

It just seems limiting, in the field of web design, to not understand code. Even the most basic knowledge strengthens your work (and your resume!). It enables you to give a more realistic vision to clients and help you work with coders. What if you presented a design to a client only then to learn it wouldn’t work because of coding issues? I can’t imagine it. 

For me, it boils down to the issue of giving a false impression. I couldn’t call myself a web designer if I didn’t have some knowledge of it. I have no issue with those that do not understand code, but it does not make a web designer. An artist or a print designer, yes. A web designer, no. 

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