Color Choices

As if choosing a font wasn’t bad enough, it is time to decide on a color palette. After some brief agony, I was finally able to come to a conclusion. Drum roll, please…

And now for a brief explanation per color.

Aqua: I knew I was going to use the same aqua that is in my header for this blog. I want there to be a consistent theme in my online persona, so that users will have a seamless transistion from my website to blog. I work in marketing by day, so it’s hard to get branding out of my head.

Yellow: Since I’ve declared this site to be all things Emily, I thought it was only fitting to include my favorite color. The yellow not only describes my personality, but it is in keeping with the light feel of the site.

Gray: Or is it grey? I never know how to spell it, but I love this option as a nice neutral. It keeps the balance.

Text color: Just a wee bit less harsh than black!

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