Caution: (de)construction ahead

Well, as it turns out New York City gave me the best gift of all– a stomach virus (I knew I liked Gainesville better anyway). So, as I try to recover, I decided to write my blog post on something that makes me very happy. What could make any girl feel better? Clothes. In my case, this is especially true with a little shop that starts with a J and ends in a Crew. Great clothes aside, they have a unique website layout that I thought would make a for an interesting deconstruction. Without further adieu, I present my deconstruction of

1. This initially stood out to me. It seems to me more often than not, sites put their logo in the upper left hand corner. I knew right off the bat that this was going to be an unusual layout.

2. The navigation is understated compared to a lot of the other text, but still manages to stand out because it is the only bolded copy.

3. Seems like an odd place to look for that. Even more importantly, is that necessary when most computers show the date/time in the upper right corner?

4. These are kind of floating off on their own over here, I feel like they should replace the “Ship to: United States” section.

5. This has been driving me crazy since I first looked at the site. I seriously had to prevent myself from writing down as #1. Not sure if it is my browser, but this bar is hovering around the model like a hormonal teenage boy. She needs a little breathing room, buddy.

6. On a more positive note, this font is making for some pretty spiffy ampersands.

7. I’m not normally a fan of a lot of horizontal lines that break of vertical text, but this site seems to pull it off. I think because of the spacing.

8. I LOVE the black and white color scheme they are using, and that they chose to highlight things by switching the background to black with white text.

9. Maybe it is the flag, but this seems to have an odd amount of emphasis placed here. Can’t that part be figured out during shipping?

10. Strange that I’m not seeing a slew of social media icons here. Perhaps J.Crew is going rogue, but I think some customized black & white icons could still fit in with their theme.

11. We’re experiencing a slightly improved version of #5 over here. Not enough space between this and the center section.

12. I really like that they are using capitals to distinguish text rather than a bold font.

13. Not crazy about these arrows. I wish they stayed consistent with the ones on the right hand side navigation.

14. I actually love how these black bars appear when you hover over different sections. They come from left to right rather than just popping up like most sites. I forgive them for what I said in comment #5 now.

15. I like that they chose to feature several different outfits rather than focusing on one model wearing one thing. From a business perspective, I think that helps the traditional consumer see themselves in the clothes, rather than just looking at the person wearing them.

I’m surprised by how easy it was to diss the crew like that. Don’t worry J.Crew, you still have my love and my paycheck.


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One Response to Caution: (de)construction ahead

  1. naseemspeaks says:

    I’m obsessed with J.Crew also. Too bad it’s very hard to find in the Middle East and also under-appreciated (people here just don’t get the sophisticated, classy look!). When I first read your deconstruction of the site, I was really shocked that this is their current homepage. I’m so used to their one big image featuring what’s new, and find it strange that they now have multiple tiny-sized “looks” that they love. I’m not sure that I love it myself, but it is different which is a step forward!

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