Wayback Machine- live from NYC!

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to share that as write this I am looking out my hotel room at a view of the Chrysler building. I’m enjoying a long weekend in Manhattan. Sigh. I will say, this wayback machine is almost equally as exciting. I had never seen this site before, and what a great find it is. Although it does make me feel a little old for remembering all of these, not gonna lie.

So, i’m looking at aol.com from back in 2002. Crazy. With exception of the headers and sub headers, everything is a link with the standard blue & underline look. There are some red navigation tabs at the top, but they are very boxy and separated. Not to mention, they are not interactive drop down menus. There are some broken image links on the right side, not sure if that is a function of the wayback machine however. Based on the grid layout, it seems that AOL is just getting the design bug.

Jumping ahead to March of 2006, I am definitely seeing some improvement in the design. The login buttons for mail and aim, have been moved from the middle of the page to the top right hand corner. The navigation tabs, while still not drop down menus, do highlight when you hover over them. There is also a lot more function in the search feature it seems- you are now able to search the web, the weather, events, videos and more. The overall design, while still grid like, has some more flavor to it. Each “box” within the grid has it’s space with a colored header and rounded corners. And of course, there is an article about how Simon and Paula were arguing on American Idol last night.

Present day now. It seems AOL has moved from a 2 column grid to a 3 column design. You are able to see a scrolling selection of images in the header. The navigation bar has drop down menu features and all the graphics are much more simplified. The color scheme seems to have changed to a black and hot pink, which leads me to believe they are now trying to attract a female audience. Each of the sections within the grid seem to be more free flowing and less stuck within the outlined dimensions. I also can’t help but mention the very colorful turtle in the top left corner. Perhaps AOL’s new symbol?

Well, anyway, I’m off to go explore the city.

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One Response to Wayback Machine- live from NYC!

  1. christopher law says:

    Hope you enjoyed NYC!

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