Hello, world.

My first blog post! I’ve done many of these for work accounts, but never any under my own name. It feels a little bit different not to be hiding behind a logo. Let’s see how this goes…

Good design. Oh how I love it. I have a growing appreciation for clean, simplistic designs in print and on the web. Even with this, the first thing that comes to mind when I think “good design” is Apple. While we can debate all day long about what operating systems are better and which phones are topping the ranks, no one ever questions the beauty of Apple’s product designs. The simplicity and usability of it are unmatched. It’s just a feeling I have inside of me. I just feel better when using an Apple product.

I want to be able to create something like this one day. Not necessarily, a product or a computer, but a design that makes someone feel good to use. I hope to be able to move forward and establish myself in the field.

Most of my experience up to this point is with print design, although I have some limited knowledge of hmtl & css from past jobs. While I have managed the websites of the last two companies I’ve worked for, that has predominately involved editing text in content management sites. I hope to be able to build sites from scratch and have the freedom in designing that comes from a full html & css knowledge.

I go looking for inspiration most every day. I attribute a lot of that to the hours I can spend passing time on Pinterest. I also visit sites like designspiration.net and webdesignledger.com. Generally speaking though, I peruse blogs and the internet, which can take you to so many different places!  And aside from my morning dose of Matt Lauer, most of my news comes from my google news reader and what I get off Facebook (hate to admit that!).

Until next time,

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3 Responses to Hello, world.

  1. Amanda says:

    Emily–I’m with you. The folks at Apple just KNOW design. They get it. They understand it. They live it. And it makes their products addicting.

    I’d love to follow you on Pinterest, if you don’t mind! I’m always looking for new boards to follow.

  2. Emily Davis says:

    I will have to follow you back! Love Pinterest.

  3. agamfran says:

    hahaha, Emily, I felt the same way too! Not hiding behind some logo and weird username to post some “unedited raw facts” seems fantastic to me. This is because someone is going to be more careful and realistic, lol. And about Apples’ simplicity, choice or exceptional design and marketing strategies, I couldn’t think about any worldwide challenger! They’re simply awesome!

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